Comissioned by Visual Brasil Barcelona 2022 and funded by Telenoika cultural association.

It is a sculpture designed to be understood as a photocall and to be photographed by visitors at the entrance of the Visual Brasil festival. It was developed as a response to the assassination of Mahsa Amini in Iran in September 2022.

Mahsa Amini also known as Jina Amini, 22, was arrested and tortured for not wearing her hijab correctly by the Iranian Government’s Moral Police. On September 14, she was arrested for an alleged “Islamic orientation” by the Iranian Government police. After two hours of beatings to the head, he suffered a stroke and heart attack, and slipped into a coma. Two days later he died. Since his burial, numerous cities in Iran have been the scene of mass demonstrations, in response to which the government used violent force to disperse the protesters. Several women have been assassinated during the demonstrations and hundreds have already been arrested and injured. Although every day there are more difficulties to report, due to the obstacles that the Iranian government has established and the reprisals against journalists, the images and videos of women confronting the Police, burning their veils, cutting their hair, dancing and singing “Woman, life, freedom” flood social networks. Following the publication of an image of Amini’s tombstone in Saqqez, its inscription became a protest slogan: “Mahsa, you will not die. Your name will become a symbol.”