Eneritz Tejada
Eneritz Tejada (Barcelona 1986)
Graduated in Fine Arts, she began her practice in sculpture during the first years of her career, participating in collective exhibitions in Barcelona, ​​Greece and Mexico, and finished her studies with an international mobility scholarship. When she returned to Barcelona in 2009, she graduated with a Master of Digital Arts at Pompeu Fabra University where she learned to program and began a new era incorporating new artistic languages ​​such as NetArt, performance and interactive art.

Her practice is based on the building, programming and manufacturing technological devices that explore the relationship between the human body and technology through sound and light experimentation. In 2019, she founded the Blinding Universe collective, where she investigates the interrelationships and limits that delimit the analogical and the digital by observing the essential potentialities inherent in the human body.

Her work has been seen at the Stripart 2021 festival and he has recently collaborated with Telenoika with the artist Antoni Miralda at the Llum Barcelona 2022 festival.